Triskell Tales

Triskell Tales

Illustration By MaryAnn Harris

Dustjacket and interior art by MaryAnn Harris

This collection by the fantasy master has literally been over 20 years in the making! Each year, Mr. de Lint self-publishes a chapbook for private distribution. He gives copies to his wife, his friends, and colleagues, but does not offer them for sale. (The few times that copies have been auctioned for charitable purposes, they have sold for well over a hundred dollars apiece.) Some of the stories have since been reprinted, and are considered modern classics. Some (over 80,000 words) have never been printed in the U.S., made their sole appearance in a small community newspaper, or were printed in editions limited to only one copy! This mammoth collection (over 450 pages) gathers them for the first time, making Triskell Tales absolutely essential for de Lint fans.

The Subterranean Press edition of Triskell Tales -- the only edition currently under contract -- will be limited to 2000 autographed and numbered copies, bound in full cloth, with a full color dustjacket, illustrated autograph page, and interior illustrations by MaryAnn Harris.

We're pleased to announce a second printing of what may be Charles de Lint's most personal collection to date.

*no subsequent reprint
**reprinted in foreign language only

1. The Three That Came* (1977; edition of one; 2400 words)
2. Grymalkin* (1978; edition of one; 2900 words)
3. The Oak King's Daughter** (1979; edition of 100; 6970 words)
4. The Moon is A Meadow** (1980; edition of 100; 7250 words)
5. Humphrey's Christmas* (a collaboration with MaryAnn Harris; 1981; appeared in a small community newspaper, OSCAR Vol.10, No.4; 3400)
6. A Pattern of Silver Strings (1981; edition of 100; 9400 words)
Also contains poems:
Root of Horn
Meran's Stone
Withered Trickster
The Piper
Secret Stones, Hollow Hills
Days of Fading
They Will Come Again
7. Glass Eyes and Cotton Strings* (1982; edition of 100; 4800 words)
8. In Mask and Motley (1983; edition of 100; 6000 words)
Also contains poems: Blood to Blood
Alken's Way
The Mysteries
Root Truths
Four Seasons and the First Day of the Year
9. Laughter in the Leaves (1984; edition of 100; 3300 words)
Also contains the poem: An Fear Glas
10. The Calendar of the Trees (1984; edition of 200; poem)
11. The Three Plushketeers Meet Santy Claus* (1985; appeared in a small community newspaper, OSCAR, Vol.13, No.4; 4140 words)
12. The Badger in the Bag* (1985; edition of 100; 3900 words)
Also contains the poem: The Old Tunes
13. The Three Plushketeers and the Garden Slugs* (1985; edition of 26 lettered copies; 2350 words)
14. And the Rafters Were Ringing (1986; edition of 100; 5150 words)
15. The Lark in the Morning (1987; edition of 100; 4500 words)
Also contains the poem: Bones
16. The Drowned Man's Reel (1988; edition of 100; 4100 words)
17. The Stone Drum (1989; edition of 100; 10,750 words)
18. Ghosts of Wind and Shadow (1990; edition of 100; 13,200 words)
19. Desert Moments* (1991; edition of 125)
Collection of eleven poems and two transcribed tunes
20. The Bone Woman (1992; edition of 125; 4760 words)
21. Mr. Truepenny's Book Emporium and Gallery (1992; Cheap Street Press Christmas giveaway; 2500 words)
22. Coyote Stories (1993; edition of 125; 2960 words)
23. Heartfires (1994; edition of 125; 4850 words)
24. Crow Girls (1995; edition of 150; 7050 words)
25. My Life As A Bird (1996; edition of 150; 8400 words)
26. The Fields Beyond the Fields (1997; edition of 150; 2nd printing of 50; 4690 words)
27. Second Chances (1998; edition of 150; 2780 words)
28. Pixel Pixies* (1999; edition of 200; 9630 words)

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MaryAnn Harris
Charles de Lint
540 pages
United States
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