Retro Pulp Tales

Retro Pulp Tales

Illustration By Timothy Truman

These stories are all pulp-inspired, hoping to capture the story-telling ability and fast pace of tales from 30, 40, 50 years ago and more. In Retro Pulp Tales, the hunt for a serial killer plays out in a pulp-magazine letters column (Chet Williamson), mishaps haunt a helicopter crash simulator (Stephen Gallagher), and a real-life "Gidget" sees things in space alien terms (Melissa Mia Hall). Other contributors include Norman Partridge, Tim Lebbon, Kim Newman, F. Paul Wilson, Alex Irvine, Bill Crider, Gary Phillips, and James Reasoner.

Available only from Subterranean Press.

Trade: Sewn hardcover bound in full-cloth
Limited: 250 numbered copies, signed by all contributors
Lettered: 26 signed copies, bound in full leather, housed in a handcrafted traycase

From Publishers Weekly:
"With six-guns blazing and tentacles flailing, this nifty all-original anthology delivers impressively on the “pure storytelling” promise Lansdale (Flaming London) makes in his intro. The dozen authors manage to address serious issues while remaining true to their roots and the book’s theme. Particular standouts are Al Sarrantonio’s deliberately and successfully Bradburyesque “Summer”; Chet Williamson’s “From the Back Pages,” a delightful trail of breadcrumb hints leading to a sly and satisfactory end; and F. Paul Wilson’s “Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong,” which more than any other story captures the real essence of the pulps."

From Green Man Review:
"Considering the odds of success for an anthology of twelve brand-new stories, previously untested by anyone except their editor, Retro Pulp Tales actually turns out to be quite a solid read. Two really great tales mixed with nine quite good ones, and only one real dud? That's a much higher percentage of quality than I was expecting, and indeed higher than many of the anthologies I've read recently (in fact, I can't think of one I've ever read that matches it)."

From Booklist:
“The movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was contemporary pulp fiction that felt as though it was made decades ago. So, too, are the stories in this exciting new collection of “retro pulp.” The contributors, including F. Paul Wilson and Bill Crider, were asked to write a story that could have appeared in the pulps, and they have succeeded spectacularly. The first story, for example, James Reasoner’s “Devil Wings over France,” catapults the reader back to an era when thrillers and speculative fiction coexisted happily. These aren’t parodies or even homages. They’re straight-up pulp fiction, energetically written and remarkably faithful to the genre.”

From Locus Magazine:
"Other standouts are 'Clubland Heroes' by Kim Newman, in which his version of the Diogenes Club investigates a murder connected to a beloved team of proto-superheroes, who naturally have feet of clay. Al Sarrantonio's 'Summer,' is a very dark Bradbury homage about a hot season that never ends; and Norman Partridge's high octane horror story 'Carrion,' about malevolent buzzards from another reality, and the evil people do to one another... the best works do hearken back to the pulpy old days, and satisfy that craving for thrills and wonder. You can tell the writers are having fun, and in this case, that translates to fun for the reader as well."

"Whenever I hear people relating their memories about 'the pulps,' I’ll admit I’m more than a little envious for being born a couple generations late. All the reprints in the world can’t quite match the real deal, but coming across new tributes – like Subterranean Press’ Retro Pulp Tales -- helps to compensate. Here, authors like Kim Newman, Tim Lebbon and Bill Crider bring yesteryear’s 10-cent dreams back alive, with appropriate speed and style."

Timothy Truman
Bill Crider
235 pages
United States
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