Reassuring Tales

Reassuring Tales

Illustration By Jason C. Eckhardt

Meticulously crafted and highly memorable, T.E.D. Klein's work represents some of the best the horror and science fiction genres have to offer. From the classic novellas "Black Man With A Horn", "Nadelman's God", "Children of the Kingdom" and "Petey" to the critically acclaimed novel The Ceremonies, Klein's fiction is remarkable, much-vaunted, but sadly, not abundant.

It has been sixteen years since the release of Klein's novella collection Dark Gods. Since then fans have been clambering for a follow-up.

The wait is over.

Subterranean Press is proud to present Reassuring Tales, which features previously uncollected short stories, novellas, and screen treatments, each one handpicked by the author, and book-ended by the classic "The Events At Poroth Farm", the basis for the novel for which Klein is best known, The Ceremonies.

Be advised, Dear Reader, the following tales are anything but reassuring...

Available only from Subterranean Press.

Limited: 600 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40
Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies housed in a handcrafted slipcase: $100


  • One Size Eats All
  • Camera Shy
  • Curtains for Nat Crumley
  • Well-Connected
  • Growing Things
  • Ladder
  • S.F.
  • Magic Carpet
  • The Events at Poroth Farm
  • They Don't Write 'em Like This Anymore

From Publishers Weekly
"If most of the nine short stories and one novella in this slim volume read like episodes from the Twilight Zone, this isn't coincidence, as Klein edited Twilight Zone magazine from 1981 to 1985… The most substantial piece, and the only one that's truly horrific, is the 1972 novella 'The Events at Poroth Farm,' which Klein later expanded into his brilliant first novel, The Ceremonies. This collection will appeal mainly to the author's longtime fans who patiently await his second novel."

From Booklist:
"While Klein's fans may rue its slenderness, his latest, ironically titled set of chillers is impressive enough to reestablish him as a major voice in the genre. The 10 crisply worded tales explore such unnerving themes as camera-shy vampires, carnivorous sleeping bags, and plummeting airliners... The closing story, 'The Events at Poroth Farm,' the seed of The Ceremonies, brilliantly details an academic's encounter with malevolence on a remote New Jersey farm."

Jason C. Eckhardt
T. E. D. Klein
167 pages
United States
Out of Print