The World Lansdalean

The World Lansdalean

Illustration By Dirk Berger
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Dust jacket illustration by Dirk Berger.

Published by SST Publications.

Note: Our last few copies of The World Lansdalean do not have slipcases.

About the Book:

Joe R. Lansdale began writing non-fiction articles with his mother in the early 70’s. His early fiction output consisted of crime stories in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine and horror stories in places like The Horror Show and Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone Magazine. In the years since, he has not limited himself to any one genre. Unless you want to call his the “Joe R. Lansdale Mojo Genre”.

This volume details and organizes the “Joe R. Lansdale Mojo Genre” so that collectors (serious or casual) have a concise listing of the fiction and non-fiction created by one of America’s most popular authors.

Providing original release and reprint information regarding Joe R. Lansdale’s: Novels, Collections, Miscellaneous Books, Books Edited by, Comics, Films and TV, Stories, Poetry, and Articles. Also included are listings for numerous Interviews and Articles About Joe by Others. Even his regular readers will be surprised by the incredible output of this important writer.

With the addition of several never-before-published short stories and book proposals, and numerous photos provided by Joe R. Lansdale, this volume becomes a collector’s item itself.

Signed Limited Hardcover Edition:

  • Limited to only 1000 signed and hand-numbered copies
  • Foreword by Owen King
  • Introduction by Fred Isajenko
  • Personally signed by Joe R. Lansdale, Fred Isajenko, Owen King, and Dirk Berger on a specially designed full-colour illustrated signature page
  • Larger 6.14” x 9.21” trim size
  • Printed on a heavier 100gsm acid-free paper
  • Bound in premium cloth with coloured head and tail bands
  • Hot foil stamping on the front boards and spine
  • Offset printed and bound with full-colour endpapers
  • Sewn binding for increased durability
  • Dust jacket & Signature Page artwork by Dirk Berger
  • Including a full colour section printed on 130gsm Silk Art stock at the end of the book featuring photos and book cover artwork from Joe R. Landale’s life & work

The Contents Include:

Never Before Published Short Stories:

  • The Pool
  • The Ticket
  • Time Twist
  • Trick and Treat
  • Voyage

Never Before Published Book Proposals:

  • El Diablo
  • Dove Creek
  • Mass Media


Time Twist
Joe R. Lansdale 
writing as M. Dean Bayer


Thinking back on how George Bradley had almost been hit by a car, Alonzo Webb knew immediately that he had the perfect solution to his wife’s affair. He would murder her lover, three days ago. 


The Ticket


Ronald was frightened because he had lost his ticket. His wife was a tyrant about such things and he feared having to hear her bitch so much, he was thinking about running away from home, but that didn’t satisfy him either because she might catch him and then there would really be hell to pay. He stood outside his house in the shadows and wondered where the ticket might be. He had searched all his pockets and had turned his wallet inside out looking for it. He remembered getting it and putting it on his person, but he could not remember where, and now he was sure it did not matter anyway because he had lost it somehow. Maybe when he took change out to buy a Coke.

All he knew was it was gone and his wife who collected these things for her records would be waiting behind the door, sitting in the chair by the table with that disapproving look on her face—or was that her normal look? He could not remember seeing her any other way now—and she would stand very slowly, put one hand on the table, lean towards him and say smugly, hoping that he would not have it, “Where’s your ticket?”


El Diablo
A General Proposal


A man is hanged at midnight by a mob on October the 31st. An evil highway man named Jack Sanders. He is cut down by the devil himself, and for amusement, the devil, breathes life into his chest.

The man revives, one foot in hell, one on earth. He calls himself The Hanged Man and he is the devil’s servant. He roams the Southwest, leading a gang of ruthless outlaws, looting, raping, murdering. Even the army is afraid of them.

Dirk Berger
504 pages
SST Publications
In Print