PW on Tim Powers' After Many a Summer

14th Nov 2022

After Many a Summer by Tim Powers

Tim Powers' stunningly good new novella, After Many a Summer, has landed its first review.

We're only too happy to share a blurb from Publishers Weekly:

“World Fantasy Award winner Powers (Stolen Skies) is a master at turning gonzo concepts into mystical thrill rides, and this latest novella is no exception, setting a mummified head as the ransom in the kidnapping of Belgian heiress Arielle... Powers places his tale in a bleakly rendered Southern Californian landscape as bereft of magic as an empty film lot, with characters whose amoral focus on their bottom lines blind them to the costs and marvels of real magic.”

Don't forget, the limited edition has full-color endsheets, in addition to the stylish dust jacket art by Matt Mahurin.