Jade Shards Preorder questions

A quick note about Fonda Lee's books...

 As many of you know, we plan to publish signed limited editions of the Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee.

Those who bought the signed limited edition of JADE SHARDS will have an exclusive preorder period for JADE CITY, regardless of what number you receive. We realize that this means more people will have access to purchase JADE CITY than there are numbers available. The owner of JADE SHARDS #1250 will have the same opportunity as the owner of #1. We cannot guarantee matching numbers for JADE SHARDS and JADE CITY unless you secure the latter and your copy number is 600 or lower.

Our regular dealers who bought JADE SHARDS will also receive copies of JADE CITY. If you bought JADE SHARDS from one of them, please contact the dealer about JADE CITY.

The projected print run for JADE CITY is 600 numbered and 26 lettered copies.

Public preorder for JADE SHARDS will be Monday, March 27th, at 12pm EST. At this time, we do not have an expected preorder date for JADE CITY.