Glowing Reviews for The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar by Indra Das

1st Jan 2024

The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar by Indra Das

Indra Das' The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar was one of the most acclaimed novellas we published last year.

Here's a sampling of what reviewers had to say:

From Locus Magazine:

“Indra Das’s The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar is a gorgeously written novella which is part coming-of-age tale, part love letter to fantasy, part family mystery, and part elegantly understated fable of identity… It’s also a fine example of what novellas do best: invoking the magic, but keeping a clear focus on the story while leaving a fair amount of the detail up to us.”

From Seize the Press:

“Some writers are unmistakably haunted, aware that their haunting must be negotiated and written, and Das puts these to the test with a Borghesian sensibility, embracing the inauthentic and ambiguous.”

From the Middle Shelf:

“We read about the ordinary one who doesn't go on an adventure and never quite know what happened…Because of this, there's a pervasive and beautiful melancholy infusing every page, the promise of a truth that you never quite grasp and eludes you, shining ahead.”

From Runalong the Shelves:

“This is a beautiful flowing read. The adult Ru is looking back at his life with an adult’s perspective so while we have a young central character, the themes are very much looking back and reflecting on growing up. It creates a tale I suspect many fantasy fans will connect with and on top of that Das brings such intricate use of language making a flowing colourful tale that soars and swoops with emotion just as much as the dragons we glimpse through Ru’s dreamlike encounters with them.”

From Carol Ryles:

“Rich and poignant prose, along with a wonderfully slow burn about queerness, difference, growing up, falling in love, and the yearning for a reality that is more complex than it seems.”

From Bookish Brews:

“From the streets of Calcutta to realities beyond, The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar haunts you as you read it, transportive and grounding at once. Indra Das’ writing is impossibly beautiful. It makes me want to believe the impossible, to touch reality, and to trust in his imagination.”

From KJ Charles:

“[The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar is] unclassifiable and lovely and queer and entirely absorbing.”

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