Carlos Ruiz Zafón's THE CITY OF MIST in Stock and Shipping

8th Jan 2024

The City of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

What is likely our final project with Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The City of Mist, is in stock and shipping. As with the volumes that make up The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, The City of Mist is printed in two-colors throughout, with duo-tone and full-color illustrations by Vincent Chong.


When Carlos Ruiz Zafón passed away in June of 2020, he left behind him both a profound sense of loss and a literary legacy unlike anything to be found in contemporary popular fiction. At the heart of that legacy is the four-volume cycle that began with The Shadow of the Wind and ended with the massive, memorable The Labyrinth of the Spirits. These books constitute a sort of shadow history of 20th century Barcelona. Dominating all four is the labyrinthine creation known as The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, which is both a repository of the city’s baroque and often tragic history, and a bottomless wellspring of narrative.

The City of Mist is an extraordinary collection that offers eleven brief but vivid glimpses into the hidden corners of Barcelona, past and present. Along the way, readers will encounter some familiar characters (pulp novelist David Martin, Andreas Corelli, the bookselling de Sempere family), along with a host of newly created characters whose stories will resonate beyond the printed page. In the course of these tales, a homeless ex-convict finds solace—and perhaps love—among the ghosts of the Spanish Civil War. A novelist recreates the horrific circumstances of his own birth. A drop of dragon’s blood confers a bizarre and violent immortality on a member of the Spanish Inquisition. A fallen angel accompanies an unnamed narrator through the final moments of human history.

These and seven other stories illustrate the range and depth of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s peerless imagination. The City of Mist is a great writer’s parting gift to his legion of devoted readers, and it is an extraordinary gift indeed.

These stories, like the best of Zafón’s previous work, are luminous, exhilarating, and good for the soul. They are the clear product of a modern master who left us much too soon.

Lettered: 26 copies, handbound in the finest material, signed by Lucia Graves, housed in a custom traycase: $750

Limited: 500 numbered copies, bound in premium cloth, printed in two colors throughout, with both two-color and full-color illustrations, signed by Lucia Graves: $150