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DJSturbia is home to monsters.

All kinds of monsters, from skyscraper-sized Godzilla (twice!) to the microscopic space germ known as the Andromeda Strain.

Monsters human and inhuman, from fictional psycho killers to the real-life terrorists of 9/11.

Lovecraftian horrors. Extraterrestrial insects. Giant serpents. Gargoyles and ghosts. Gunfighters and assassins. The battlefield monstrosities known as Warbirds, the alien invaders called Black Widowers, and — oh, yes — a little critter named Bob.

Classic monsters lurk here, too: That Creature from That Lagoon. That Thing from Another World. Monsters living, monsters dead … and in-between.

David J. Schow’s newest collection features his usual lucky thirteen short stories — shoot ‘em ups, horror noir, and surprises aplenty — plus, for the first time, a poison-candy sampler of thirteen additional essays covering everything from The Crow to live snake-handling.

A World Fantasy Award winner for short fiction, DJS has come to escort you into the dark suburbs of his imagination — DJSturbia.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

“This excellently chilling compilation of 13 short stories and 12 personal reminiscences covers the entire horror genre… Great writing, boundless creativity, and remarkable career recollections make this a truly wonderful compilation.”

From Booklist:

"Here be monsters—familiar monsters from comics and the big screen, deliciously hair-raising creatures fresh from the dark imagination of speculative fiction superstar Schow…Schow’s fiction affords chilling, genre-blending journeys introducing Godzilla as a big city crime boss; a tiny, vendetta-seeking creature named Bob; and an invasion by black widows that will prompt readers to sleep with the lights on."

Table of Contents:

  • Now Hold Still
  • After 9/11
  • The Last Song You Hear
  • Bloodstock
  • Graveside
  • Death to Decaf
  • Denker’s Book
  • Thirty-Eight Days Later
  • Blue Amber
  • We Have Always Fought Giant Monsters
  • A Home in the Dark
  • The Traps of Nostalgia
  • A Gunfight
  • The Mulholland Muse
  • The Finger
  • Why You’ll Never See Crow Chronicle
  • Two Scoops
  • Two More Scoops…of Celluloid
  • Three Missing Footnotes from the Bad Time
  • The Dream of a Masked Man
  • The Ghosting
  • Catacombs (Introduction)
  • The Chili Hunters
  • Faux God of the Maus Haus
  • Warbirds
  • Afterwordia
Timothy R. Bradstreet
David J. Schow
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