The Redemption of Time

The Redemption of Time

Illustration By Marc Simonetti
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Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Marc Simonetti.

Note: If we publish any title we consider related to The Three-Body Problem in the future, those who own The Redemption of Time will be given an exclusive preorder opportunity. Please note these rights do not extend to other signed limited editions by Cixin Liu.

About the Book:

Cixin Liu’s award-winning trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past may be the most astonishing, wide-ranging science fiction epic of recent decades. Sometimes known as The Three-Body Problem novels, the trilogy began when word reached Earth that an alien civilization—the Trisolarans—had decided to depart their damaged planet and make Earth, a compatible planet, their new home. The Trisolaran invasion was merely the opening movement in a vast, galaxy spanning adventure that would alter both the human future and the future of the universe itself. And the story is not yet finished.

The Redemption of Time by Baoshu is an authorized addition to the original series that takes place in the aftermath of Death’s End, the final volume in the trilogy. The protagonist is the now familiar figure of Yun Tianming, an unwilling participant in the Trisolaran’s plans. Yun has lived for several hundred years, in and out of hibernation. He has been sent into space as a disembodied brain, been made to serve as a spy and traitor to humanity and has been systematically tortured by his Trisolaran captors. As the new book begins, he and his wife are living solitary lives on a private world known only as the Blue Planet. Following the death of his wife, Yun himself prepares to die, but is thwarted by a mysterious entity known only as the Spirit. This Spirit has one last task for Yun: to find and destroy a malignant, omnipotent force called the Lurker, a force capable of completing the destruction of all human—and non-human—life. 

Yun agrees to take on this task, but is determined to do so in his own fashion. What follows is a brilliantly conceived excursion into the mysteries and miracles of “the grand universe” that surrounds us. No mere piece of fan fiction, Baoshu’s novel is both an independent creation and a unique act of collaboration that expands our understanding of Cixin Liu’s incredible achievement. This is science fiction for the true connoisseur: fearless, visionary and endlessly inventive. For the many admirers of Cixin Liu’s masterpiece, The Redemption of Time is an unexpected—and most welcome—gift.

Limited: 500 numbered copies, signed by the author

Lettered: 26 specially bound copies, housed in a custom traycase, signed by the author

Important note: The Remembrance of Time will share the design of Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past, but will be printed in black ink only, and more lightly illustrated.

Marc Simonetti
224 pages
United States
In Print