The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

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Dust jacket, endsheets, and interior illustrations by Marcela Bolivar.

Notes: There is a limit of one copy per edition per person/household.

Carlota Moreau cannot imagine a more idyllic life than the one she lives on the nineteenth century ranch in Yaxaktun, Mexico, where her beloved father conducts his scientific research. Her friends, the human and animal “hybrids” he creates, surround her, and she has little interest in what lies beyond their estate’s borders. Hints of political upheaval in the Yucatán peninsula leak in from time to time, but Yaxaktun feels safe to Carlota--even under the shadow of the possibility that Doctor Moreau’s patron Hernando Lizalde’s largesse might one day end.

Montgomery is another man in Lizalde’s debt, a British expat with a drinking problem who becomes Doctor Moreau’s assistant and develops a fascination with the innocent, sincere Carlota. When Lizalde’s son Eduardo arrives and he takes an interest in wooing Carlota, encouraged by Doctor Moreau, it is Montgomery and the hybrids who seek to protect her…and the dark secrets of Yaxaktun.

But when passions ignite and Carlota finally begins to ask questions about both the painful existences of the hybrids and her father’s research, the answers may endanger her and her home forever. With The Daughter of Doctor Moreau, New York Times’ bestselling author of Mexican Gothic Silvia Moreno-Garcia has written another instant classic, a sumptuous, unforgettable reimagining of H.G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau.  

Lettered: 26 signed, specially bound copies, housed in a custom traycase

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies


From Publishers Weekly:

“In this thorny riff on The Island of Doctor Moreau, bestseller Moreno-Garcia (Mexican Gothic) interweaves several threads in 19th-century Mexico... Moreno-Garcia’s worldbuilding chops are on display as she creates a distinct, vibrant backdrop to her audacious retelling…Fans of cerebral, atmospheric historical horror won’t want to miss this.”


From Booklist:

“Told from Carlota and Montgomery’s points of view and clearly inspired by H. G. Wells, this wholly new novel paints a vivid picture that is as alluring as it is unsettling, filled with action, romance, and monsters. However, it is Moreno-Garcia’s ability to mesh the unease of the scientifically created beasts with the real-life terrors of a life on the margins and the horror of colonialism that elevates this story.”


Silvia Moreno-Garcia
368 pages
United States
In Print