Supernova Era

Supernova Era

Illustration By Dominic Harman
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Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Dominic Harman.

Our edition of Cixin Liu’s Supernova Era will be oversize, printed in two colors, with a full-color dust jacket and four full-color interior illustrations. 

The lettered edition will contain an additional exclusive full-color gatefold illustration.

About the Book:

With the publication of his magnificent trilogy, Remembrance of Earth’s Past, Cixin Liu emerged as a major player on the international stage. Long before the appearance of that landmark work, Liu had already established himself as the most popular and innovative SF writer in China. With the belated arrival of his 2004 novel, Supernova Era, he has given his many readers a compelling new look at one of the most extraordinary imaginations of our time.

Just as he did in the Three-Body Problem novels, Liu rests his narrative on a premise so striking that it will forever alter the nature and direction of the human project. Lethal radiation from a long dead star has entered Earth’s atmosphere, with apocalyptic results. Within a year, all adults on the planet will be dead. Only children under the age of thirteen will have the physical capacity to survive. With the advent of this cataclysmic event, the Supernova Era—also known as the Children’s Era—begins.

The bulk of the narrative takes place in the two years following the end of adult life on Earth, and it is a fascinating journey into a violent, unpredictable future. That journey will lead from China to New York to the rapidly melting continent of Antarctica, and will climax in a series of “war games” that will prove to be as destructive as war itself. Combining cutting edge science and acute social and psychological observation – along with a pointed tip of the hat to Lord of the FliesSupernova Era is an early SF masterwork by one of the field’s most significant figures. The result, in Joel Martinsen’s admirable translation, is both a gift to English-speaking readers and an affirmation of Cixin Liu’s extraordinary—and inimitable—gifts.

Lettered: 26 signed, specially bound copies, housed in a custom traycase

Limited: 500 signed numbered copies, bound in cloth

Dominic Harman
Cixin Liu
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