Stolen Skies

Stolen Skies

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Published by Charnel House.

Stolen Skies by Tim Powers is the third Sebastian Vickery/Ingrid Castine novel. The duo is thrown together once again to deal with UFO sightings—real and government invented—at Giant Rock in Landers California, an actual location known to be a beacon for UFO sightings and even landings. Vickery and Castine have no choice but to try to derail a UFO landing which will bring devastating effects in its wake.

Tim Powers has a gift for using real locations with bizarre histories to weave his one-of-akind fiction. His use of Giant Rock and its history is a perfect example of embellishing the bizarre, twisting the twisted, and tying it all together with actual facts that leave you wanting to see these places and look at them through his fiction-tinted glasses. Powers writes so well that you want his take to be the real one.

The Charnel House limited edition includes the map of the underground tunnels of the Lizard People drawn by G. Warren Shufelt in 1933, which made the Los Angeles Times on January 29, 1934 with the headline: LIZARD PEOPLE’S CATACOMB CITY HUNTED, Engineer Sinks Shaft Under Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tunnels and Priceless Treasures of Legendary Inhabitants. The map was later used as a negation symbol to try to dissuade the aliens from landing at Giant Rock in 2021. Tim’s stories cleave so closely to facts that it's not easy to know what's reality and what's fiction. That is pure Powers.

Limited: 150 signed numbered copies handbound in black Japanese silk with crop circles, drawn by the author, stamped on the front board in gold.


From Publishers Weekly:

“Paranormal investigators Sebastian Vickery and Ingrid Castine, a pair of well-matched misfits last encountered in Forced Perspectives, are back in L.A. to stave off an extraterrestrial apocalypse in this fun, dimension-bending thriller… Then real saucers show up, and some itchy Russian agents take out the navy security specialists, putting Castine and Vickery back on the run together, dodging spies from both sides while gathering allies among flat-earthers and chess-playing cultists waiting for the saucers to arrive. Powers, a master of mixing ESP and espionage with history and folklore, takes a more character-driven approach here, layering in backstory and internal monologue.” 


From Booklist:

“The fate of the world hangs in the balance as they decrypt clues, evade magical tracking, and occasionally stop for tacos or a microwave meal. Stolen Skies is a fun read, mashing sf with the supernatural in a familiar setting.”

Tim Powers
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