Soul in a Bottle

Soul in a Bottle

Illustration By J. K. Potter

A note about the lettered edition: It is identical to the signed, limited edition. More than half the copies were sent to the author for his personal use. We've finally unearthed ours, and decided to offer them for sale. One to a customer, please.

Tim Powers graces us with another original tale, this one roughly twice the length of his sold-out-on-publication chapbook, The Bible Repairman.

A first edition of a 1968 book of poems, with a sonnet that appears in no other copy -- a mysterious girl with a special fountain-pen, who needs a special favor -- and an old woman who warns used-book dealer George Sydney that helping the girl he's fallen in love with will mean that he will never have fallen in love.

Hollywood Boulevard, with its bars and used-book stores and the legendary Chinese Theater, is the psychic killing ground where Sydney must learn the rules of an old supernatural rivalry -- and choose to save either the woman he loves, or his soul.

Soul will be a heavily illustrated small form hardcover, available in two unique states:

Trade: fully cloth bound hardcover, in dust jacket
Limited: 474 signed leatherbound hardcovers, with a different dust jacket than the Trade Hardcover

Special Note: We’ve just unearthed three unpublished sonnets by Cheyenne Fleming, the haunted poet at the center of Tim Powers’ new illustrated tale, A Soul in a Bottle. These lost poems were discovered too late to be included in the book proper, so we’re arranging to have copies made, which will be laid into the limited edition.

From Publishers Weekly:
"In this taut, eerie novella from Powers (Three Days to Never), used-book hunter George Sydney finds he can summon a beautiful poet when he discovers a signed volume containing a previously unknown variant on one sonnet... There are no thin, hairy specters lurking in this tale, and no cold grue to chill one's bones. Its impact is more moral than visceral, evoking the pity and fear that are hallmarks of tragedy. Exquisitely illustrated by J. K. Potter, this slender volume is sure to appeal to epicures of the terrible."

Charles de Lint, in F&SF
"Powers is responsible for many of my favorite novels and stories, but I particularly loved this book. Not least because it reminded me why I love reading -- more, that I do love reading. I haven’t lost that joy; I’m just not finding enough books that do it for me.

"But here was a book that utterly absorbed me. I wasn't distracted by showy writing (though the prose, in retrospect, is lovely) or the author parading his cleverness. Instead, I was given a lovely tale that wasn't afraid to tell a small, simple story with freshness and a great deal of heart."

"Powers serves a subtle and memorable brew."


J. K. Potter
Tim Powers
83 pages
United States
Out of Print