Sky Horizon

Sky Horizon

Illustration By Scott Hampton

Illustrated by Scott Hampton

"Some of the Math Club nerds have got a real live alien! They're hiding it in a basement rec room."

High School junior Mark Bamford didn't believe the silly rumor. For one thing, California homes don't have basements.

Besides. A stranded alien?

Such a cliche. A movie rip-off. Couldn't the math geeks think up a better hoax?

Only... was it a hoax? What about all those black vans from the super-secret Cirrocco Corp cruising all over town, as if searching for something?

Time to do some investigating of his own. Only, who could he turn to for help? The skateboarding "X" crowd? The varsity climbing team? When it it came right down to it, should he turn to the least likely ally of them all?

Sky Horizon explores a possibility that has always fascinated, since the days of Homer -- that of strangers from beyond -- and gives it new shape under the deft hand of one of science fiction's modern masters.

Limited: 1500 signed numbered hardcovers
Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase

From Green Man Review:
"Sky Horizon got only better and better as the story progressed. The momentum in the second half of this short work was solid, and in the end, Brin achieved what he meant to, I think; he made me want more. I would definitely read the next book. I look forward to it, in fact. The narrative seemed to be hitting its stride in the final quarter of the novel, effectively setting up a much wider story arc. This was intended as the first installment of a longer series, and it does a fantastic job of wrapping up one storyline while opening a whole new realm of possible action and adventure."

Scott Hampton
David Brin
123 pages
United States
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