Welcome to Our New Website

11th Oct 2022

Hi everyone, 

As you can see, our website looks much different. We've gone through a major update and moved to a new platform, and we think you will be really pleased with the new features. 

Please be patient, pardon our dust, etc., while we sort out the bugs that will inevitably surface.

Everything looks spiffy already, and will look even spiffier once we’ve had a week or two to make ourselves at home.


What about my account? 

Your customer accounts have been moved to the new website. Please follow these instructions to reset your password. You are required to change your password to access your account.

Where's my order history? 

We're porting over orders from the old website. There is a lot of information to transfer, so it may take a little time. Currently we have the items you have ordered in, but we are working on getting all of the rest of the information.

Will I still be able to see old product data? 

Yes, all of our products will still be available to see. 

What other features are coming? 

  • We'll be able to add guest orders to an existing account (great for when you forgot to log in before placing that preorder) 
  • Gift cards are coming!
  • a more streamlined method of reaching out to us about orders