TIME OUT by Michael Marshall Smith Shipping Now!

13th May 2024

Time Out by Michael Marshall Smith

Michael Marshall Smith's terrifying internal novella, Time Out, is in stock and shipping.

You wake up and the world is different.

Not in the disaster movie sense, but much more painful and purposeful—almost sinister.

In the tradition of Lonely Road, Gone, The Disappearance and I Am Legend comes Michael Marshall Smith's Time Out, a brand new novella of displacement and unease.

Imagine waking up, as normal, but today the world is different: There aren't any people in it.

“Somewhere between 1am and 6am, everybody had disappeared.”

How do you behave? What do you do? How do you change?

That disagreement you had with your wife yesterday doesn't freight so heavily now that the whole slate has been wiped…does it?

Should it?

Michael Marshall Smith wins awards for this sort of thing.

Are you prepared to cope with real emptiness?

Maybe the entire world hasn't changed.

Maybe you have.

If the ebook is more to your liking, that edition is available, as well.

From Publishers Weekly:

“Smith (Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence) renders this psychological horror novella with such a light touch that readers won’t see the scares coming before it’s too late… From a deceptively simple personal growth arc, Smith spins a haunting narrative that will have readers rushing to call their loved ones.”