The Shadowed Sun by N. K. Jemisin Shipping Now!

26th Feb 2024

The Shadowed Sun by N K Jemisin

We’re delighted to announce The Shadowed Sun by N. K. Jemisin.

The signed limited edition is already in stock and ready to ship.

Wanahomen, Crown Prince of conquered Gujaareh, rides and raids in secret, hidden among the hunting parties of nomadic barbarians. He wants to forge alliances with them and others against his people’s ancient enemy, the invading Kisuati. More than he hates Kisua’s usurping soldiers, though, Wanahomen fears the Gatherers, Healers, and Sentinels of Gujaareh’s own Hetawa, the religious order that slew his father. Only Hanana, the first woman to become a Healer and now the Hetawa’s living pledge to fight by Wanahomen’s side, can help him overcome that fear and claim their country’s rightful peace.

N. K. Jemisin won Hugo Best Novel Awards for all three books of her Broken Earth series, and she received a Locus Award and major award nominations for each of the novels in her Inheritance Trilogy. But before earning even her earliest acclaim she wrote the Dreamblood Duology: its first volume, The Killing Moon, and its sequel, this book, The Shadowed Sun. Once again drawing readers deep into the rich, legend-laden world of Gujaareh and its neighboring lands, Jemisin writes fantasy as original and vivid as a newborn’s first dream and as satisfying as a last wish fulfilled.

For over a decade now, Jemisin has been an advocate for greater inclusivity in fiction and throughout the publishing industry, and has appeared as a leading genre critic for The New York Times. This beautiful reprinting of Jemisin’s first completed novels reminds longtime admirers of how she began creating wonders and gives new readers the pleasure of realizing there’s much more to come.