Publishers Weekly Reviews Mike Carey's The Ghost in Bone

14th May 2023

The Ghost in Bone by Mike Carey

The first review for Mike Carey's novella, The Ghost in Bone, which marks exorcist Felix Castor’s welcome return, has just drawn a glowing review from Publishers Weekly:

“Freelance exorcist Felix Castor makes a welcome return (after 2009’s The Naming of The Beasts) in Carey’s entertaining urban fantasy… The ensuing mystery has unexpectedly wide ranging implications for the supernatural world at large. Carey manages to further develop the series’ supernatural architecture while also providing an accessible entry point for newcomers. Meanwhile, his signature blend of hard-boiled plotting, sardonic humor, and ghostly horror keeps the pages turning. Jim Butcher fans will be especially pleased.”

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40