Publishers Weekly on Under My Skin by K. J. Parker

5th Mar 2023

Under My Skin by K J Parker

Before we get to Publishers Weekly's glowing review of K. J. Parker's Under My Skin, we wanted to highlight that this huge collection—nearly 700 pages—includes a full length original novel, Relics.

Now, to that Publishers Weekly Review:

“Placing these pieces side by side creates a fascinating exercise in worldbuilding: the mythology feels vast and Parker’s characteristically unreliable narrators are even more untrustworthy as they contradict each other... The epistolary novella ‘Relics’ follows an archduke and the man he employs to acquire religious relics; their letters both reveal and obscure the broader political machinations at play in their lives. Parker strikes his signature cynical, pragmatic tone without ever losing sight of joy. It’s a treat.”