Mike Carey's The Ghost in Bone Shipping

5th Nov 2023

The Ghost in Bone by Mike Carey

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Mike Carey's exorcist extraordinaire, Felix Castor, makes his return in The Ghost in Bone, a long new novella, his first appearance in a decade and a half.

About the Book:

“London’s exorcists! I have a reward for all of you, a job for one of you. Come to Brierley House, 20th April, 9.00am.”

The newspaper ad is a baited hook and it smells like a three-day old corpse. But hey, it’s a grand in hand just for turning up so Felix Castor goes in anyway, alongside the curdled cream of his dubious profession. And once he’s in it’s hard to get out again. Brierley House is the home of Russian oligarch Gavril Ustinov, now missing, his driven daughter Ksenia Ustinova and their staff of taciturn, sinister domestics. It also hosts an invisible force that attacks exorcists and negates their abilities—a force that seems to be centuries old. Ksenia wants Castor to locate her missing father, alive or dead. Castor wants to find out who set a trap for exorcists back in the late Middle Ages and what else they were up to.

For a job this big he’s got friends he can call on: zombie data-fence Nicky Heath, reformed succubus Juliet Salazar, jaded cop Gary Coldwood and Trudie Pax, the Anathemata’s finest warrior. But the ghosts of Brierley are many, and they won’t give up their secrets lightly…

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40

From Publishers Weekly:

“Freelance exorcist Felix Castor makes a welcome return (after 2009’s The Naming of The Beasts) in Carey’s entertaining urban fantasy… The ensuing mystery has unexpectedly wide ranging implications for the supernatural world at large. Carey manages to further develop the series’ supernatural architecture while also providing an accessible entry point for newcomers. Meanwhile, his signature blend of hard-boiled plotting, sardonic humor, and ghostly horror keeps the pages turning. Jim Butcher fans will be especially pleased.”