LOGICAL FANTASY by John Wyndham Shipping

19th May 2024

Logical Fantasy: The Many Worlds of John Wyndham

Logical Fantasy: The Many Worlds of John Wyndham contains 18 stories that generously fill more than 400 pages. We've finished sending preorders out the door, which makes this a great time to pick up a copy.

To further entice you, here are pull quotes from a pair of laudatory reviews:

“Wyndham (1903–1969) is best remembered for the splashy movie adaptations of his works (including Village of the Damned and The Day of the Triffids), but this impressive retrospective of 18 speculative shorts demonstrates his skill working at a more intimate scale. He finds the human side of cosmic catastrophe (‘The Eternal Eve’), even when the victim is a homesick robot (‘The Lost Machine’) or a lovelorn dragon (‘Chinese Puzzle’)…Wyndham’s fantastic imagination is undeniable. Anyone looking to round out their collection of SFF classics will want to snap this up.”

Publishers Weekly

“By this point, though, we’ve come to appreciate that the real strength of Wyndham’s stories are not the gimmicks or the sense-of-wonder gotcha moments, but the increasingly graceful prose, the ingenious structures, and the credible, sympathetic characters faced with oddities, paradoxes, and mysteries. It’s a long ride from those pulp beginnings, and something of a shame that Wyndham’s best short fiction – of which this is only a sampler – remains almost unknown today.”