Locus Lauds Robert Silverberg's Among Strangers

5th Jul 2022

[<a href=“”>Buy Book</a>]Robert Silverberg's huge omnibus, Among Strangers (which contains three novels and one novella, along with the author's commentary, spread across 760 pages), recently drew praise from Paul di Filippo at Locus Online:

“This generous new compilation containing a choice selection from Robert Silverberg’s vast output from his mid- to late-career apex allows us to do several things simultaneously. First, and primarily, we get to enjoy some excellent fiction which might be otherwise hard to come by…. Second, we get somewhat representative snapshots of what the genre was like at three different moments from the years 1967 to 1992. (Taking into account Silverberg’s uniqueness, he was still embedded in the zeitgeist.) And third, we can chart Silverberg’s development as a writer, since the tales are arranged chronologically. If that’s not value for your book-buying dollar, I don’t know what more can be offered!...

“If these four tales represented the sole lifework of an author, we’d say the writer had earned a place in SF’s hall of fame. As it is, they represent merely the tip of a massive oeuvre that justifies Silverberg’s status as Grand Master and demonstrates the undimmed power of his storytelling prowess.”

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $50