16th Jan 2024

The Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team and Other Stories

Joe R. Lansdale's big (over 450 pages) new collection, The Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team, is in stock in shipping.

Among its overabundance of attractions the collection includes a quartet of never-before-published stories:

  • “The Mouse and the Elephant”
  • “Camel”
  • “Monkey’s Uncle”
  • “Gorillas in the Yard”

Plus a rare novelette ("The Hungry Snow") related to his landmark novel, Dead in the West, as well as an original introduction and story notes.

About the Book:

Find out what sort of game the Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team play.

Discover haunted toilets, strange beasts, the hungry dead, weird off-trail shops that sell unique hats and twisted dreams. Spend time with a courageous barber, meet a mythological being that may be part of all our myths, and is well-versed in the various games of shooting marbles.

Ghostly cars, ghostly hotels, a shrinking world, gorillas in the yard, a brave and industrious mouse and a less than noble elephant are also here.

If that’s not enough, meet a highly intelligent monkey with an email account who is desperate to meet his human kinfolk.

There are skull collectors, gun slinging demons, a Wendigo, a serial killer, and just to smooth things out, stories of romance. Or failed romance. Certainly, stories of new beginnings.

The usual wicked potpourri of Lansdale tales and story notes.

Limited: 1250 signed numbered hardcover copies: $50

From Publishers Weekly:

“Among the highlights is the taut and chilling ‘The Hungry Snow,’ told from the perspective of an ostensible man of God who winds up trapped in a cave in the Rocky Mountains with a group of starving people who are under threat from a mythological creature. In ‘Hats,’ another standout, a chance decision to enter a hat store changes a man’s life.”