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13th Feb 2023

The Events Concerning by Joe R. Lansdale

In Stock and Shipping!

We’re thrilled to announce The Events Concerning, a two-novella collection by Joe R. Lansdale. Chuck Pyle’s dust jacket (and the design) are meant to evoke the 1950s Hardy Boys covers, as Lansdale’s misbegotten duo involve themselves in tricky, sometime scatological adventures. The clowns don’t cost extra.

As Publishers Weekly noted, “…these casually violent and absurdly amusing adventures are inspired guilty pleasures.”

About the Book:

Back in the nineties a novella, "The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance," about jobless Plebin Cook, his daughter Jasmine, and a used bookstore owner named Martha, received a Bram Stoker Award and appeared to be the start of a series.

It wasn’t.

But now, we’re taking a time machine back to the original story, involving circus dogs, mannikins and a serial killer, and we’re adding a quirky, short novel, The Events Concerning Two Stabbed Clowns in a Bloody Bathtub. The novel is wilder than the original tale and answers the question: What did Plebin and the gang do next?

A missing cat leads to an outrageous blackmail scheme, a sex video, a body in an out of the way cemetery, a sexy mortician, clown orgies, bathtub stabbings, and a missing child.

But Plebin, Jasmine and Martha are on the job, because they not only have a used bookstore to run, they own a private eye agency, BOOKS AND BULLETS, and they are clown deep into a twisty investigation.

An investigation that soon becomes a race against time to rescue a child before she is deprived of air and a wicked vengeance is completed.

Step up and step out with the gang.

But watch the face paint and the blood puddles, and keep your back to the wall.

Things are about to go sideways in the best way possible for a reader craving mystery, suspense, and unexpected thrills.

Limited: 1250 signed numbered hardcover copies: $45

Table of Contents:


The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance

The Events Concerning Two Stabbed Clowns in a Bloody Bathtub