Extra Copies of AN EMPYREAL RETINUE by Josiah Bancroft Available

7th Dec 2023

An Empyreal Retinue by Josiah Bancroft

The initial shipping wave is done, and we find ourselves with extra copies of both the signed limited edition and trade edition of An Empyreal Retinue by Josiah Bancroft, an offshoot of his acclaimed fantasy series, The Books of Babel.

An Empyreal Retinue is oversized, printed in two colors throughout. All editions will include duotone illustrations by Tom Kidd.

The limited edition includes four exclusive full-color plates not in the trade hardcover.

About the Book:

Expanding upon the world of The Books of Babel, this collection of short works builds upon the Tower in directions both acquainted and strange.

Herein, readers will find a heartbreaking account of the Sphinx as she prepares to receive expected but unwelcome guests.

Intrepid bibliophiles will be dazzled by Byron’s bravery as he charges headlong into a paperwork labyrinth and locks horns with a misanthropic minotaur.

Sensitive witnesses will delight in John Tarrou’s evolution from romantic naïf into sickly waif languishing upon porcelain shores in the grips of a theatrical cure.

Devotees of poetic justice will find satisfaction in Finn Goll’s grasp for redemption with hands caked in gun powder and book glue.

In addition to these familiar sagas, this volume contains a number of new meditations upon the spire’s innumerable facets: a bookseller tries his hand at racing airships; a youthful orphan seeks sanctuary in a ruin; an ambitious vendor of fleece is reacquainted with the value of his own pelt; and two explorers of the cruising Nebos stumble upon an unexpected stowaway.

To guide visitors, the author supplies a preamble in which he attempts to account for these tales that seek to enrich tourists, zealots, and hods alike.

Limited: 400 signed numbered hardcover copies: $175

Trade: Fully cloth-bound hardcover copies: $60