Connie Willis' LINCOLN'S DREAMS Shipping Now

19th May 2024

Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis

The initial shipping wave of Connie Willis' first, deeply affecting novel, Lincoln’s Dreams, is now complete.

Our edition was printed in two colors throughout, with a full-color wraparound dust jacket, full-color endpapers, and a chapter head illustration by Marcela Bolivar.

About the Book:

A historian by training, Jeff Johnston works for a famed author who writes exclusively Civil War novels, tracking down obscure facts like the date of purchase of a general’s horse. Before the reception for his employer’s latest book, the author reveals he has been thinking of Lincoln’s prophetic dreams of his own death and might turn back to a book about him. He has also invited Jeff’s old friend, Dr. Richard Madison, a sleep researcher, to the event--who brings a patient named Annie with him. Annie is having nightmares…

But soon it becomes clear they aren’t her dreams at all. These haunting visions are those of Robert E. Lee, defeated Confederate general. Jeff becomes determined to help Annie escape the bloody past that has ensnared her, but the journey to find peace will not be an easy one.

Lincoln’s Dreams was the first novel from beloved, multiple-award-winning, bestselling novelist Connie Willis and won the Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in 1988. Now, in this new limited edition, readers can rediscover this inventive, unforgettable American fable about the power of dreams and of love