Comparative Anatomy by Stephen Gallagher Shipping

12th Sep 2022

Now Shipping!

Comparative Anatomy, the mammoth collection which gathers the best of Stephen Gallagher's short fiction, is in stock and shipping!

As an added bonus, the volume contains two original tales, a novelette, “The Backtrack,” and a short story, “Live from the Morgue,” which sit alongside their better known brethren as ample evidence of an author at the height of his power as one of the premier dark fantasists of his generation.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies:$45

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

“Subterranean’s Best of series does justice to an undeservedly obscure genre author, here highlighting the ways Gallagher (The Bedlam Detective) renders ingenious concepts and fully realized characters, both human and supernatural, through lambent prose… Three of these 30 tales have never before been published, including the masterful “Shepherds’ Business,” in which a doctor moves to a remote British island in 1947, where he gradually discovers horrors beyond his wildest imagining. Fans of Arthur Machen and Stephen King will be especially captivated.”