Announcing Logical Fantasy by John Wyndham

5th Nov 2023

Logical Fantasy by John Wyndham

We’re thrilled to announce Logical Fantasy: The Many Worlds of John Wyndham, a huge collection which includes 50,000 words of previously uncollected stories.


Any revival, rediscovery, or reappraisal of the singular work of John Wyndham is cause for celebration, and Logical Fantasy: The Many Worlds of John Wyndham brings treasures aplenty to the table ― a rich sampler of the variant voices of a single writer who remains a lynchpin in the genre of the fantastic, including several which have not seen print since their original publication.

John Wyndham Lucas Parkes Beynon Harris was long considered the “invisible man” of science fiction due to his reclusive nature and disinclination toward publicity. Distinctly British yet with breakthrough appeal to American readers matched only by George Orwell, Wyndham thrived trans-Atlantically during the heyday of the digest-sized magazines, under his own name as well as a variety of recombinant pseudonyms which allowed him to “collaborate with himself” as he first planted boots in the sci-fi pulps of the 1930s.

As “John Beynon” (or John B.) Harris, he debuted this collection's first tale, “The Lost Machine,” in Amazing Stories, and followed with sales to Wonder Stories, Fantasy, and New Worlds up until World War II provided an interruption and hiatus.

After the war years, Wyndham wholly recreated himself. The 1950s brought a decade-long run of novels that made him globally famous and redefined science fiction. Through it all, the short stories continued, always startling, always thought-provoking.

The seed of his all-time classic The Day of the Triffids is found here in “Spheres of Hell” (also known as “The Puffball Menace.”).

By the 1960s he was firing on all cylinders―cogent, innovative stuff such as “Odd” (which debuted in the spellbinding Consider Her Ways and Others) and “The Asteroids, 2194” (part of his pastiche novel of the space-faring Troon dynasty, The Outward Urge).

It is the magazines, pulps and digests, from Thrilling Wonder Stories to Argosy, that provide the bulk of these oddities and rediscoveries, now gathered under one roof here for your pleasure ― including seven previously uncollected tales.

Only five collections were published during Wyndham's lifetime. Following his death in 1969 a number of short fiction assemblies appeared, the most recent of these coming twenty years ago. Thus, the time has come for Logical Fantasy as primer, tribute, and reminder of one of the genre's major, lasting talents.

Limited: 1000 numbered hardcover copies: $50

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by Michael Marshall Smith
  • The Lost Machine
  • Spheres of Hell
  • The Man from Beyond
  • Beyond the Screen
  • Child of Power
  • The Living Lies
  • The Eternal Eve
  • Pawley's Peepholes
  • The Wheel
  • Survival
  • Chinese Puzzle
  • Perforce to Dream
  • Never on Mars
  • Compassion Circuit
  • Brief to Counsel
  • Odd
  • The Asteroids, 2194
  • A Stitch in Time