Announcing IMMORTAL, INVISIBLE, a New Free Story by Tade Thompson

21st Apr 2024

Immortal, Invisible by Tade Thompson

In the interest of treating you, dear readers, to some wonderful stories as a thank you, we’re offering a series of free ebooks, at the interval of once every few months, for the foreseeable future. From reprints of chapbooks to brand-new fiction from SubPress favorites and other authors, treat yourself to some fine reading, all available gratis.

SubPress ebooks are available in ePub format, without DRM.

We’re pleased to present Immortal, Invisible, a new tale by Tade Thompson, acclaimed author of The Wormwood Trilogy.

The cover illustration by Alison Sampson.


Robin Hearns has been kidnapped. Or murdered. Or kidnapped and murdered.

He isn’t sure.

What he does know is one moment he’s driving to work; the next, he’s in a pocket universe negotiating temperamental weather, robot guardians, and fireside chats with an improbable assassin. He isn’t hurt, and, barring liberty, all his needs are met. Is it the afterlife? Is he in a coma somewhere dreaming this?

Maybe he’ll stay.

Or maybe he’ll gather others like himself and try to escape…


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