Announcing a Free Ebook by Travis Baldree, GOBLINS & GREATCOATS

23rd Jun 2024

Goblins & Greatcoats by Travis Baldree

We’re delighted to offer you Goblins & Greatcoats, an entirely new tale of murder and intrigue from Hugo and Nebula award nominee Travis Baldree, set in the New York Times bestselling world of Legends & Lattes and Bones & Bookdust.

SubPress ebooks are available in ePub format, without DRM.

Cover illustration by Alicia Ramos Castillo.

About the Book:

A goblin with too many pockets and a disturbing affinity for cutlery, a rain-soaked night, four adventurers, a pair of corpses, a junk-drawer knife, some unfortunate taxidermy, and a beleaguered Gatewarden…

These are the primary ingredients in a locked-room mystery that can only be solved by the Territory's most unlikely detective.

Her name is Zyll.

Her eyes are keen, her teeth are sharp, and the chaos of her passing leaves no murder unsolved.