A Free Ebook from Josiah Bancroft—The Small Hands of Chokedamp

27th Aug 2023

The Small Hands of Chokedamp by Josiah Bancroft

We’re thrilled to share with you a new, long (10,600 words) story by Josiah BancroftThe Small Hands of Chokedamp introduces the world and character of his major upcoming novel, The Hexologists.

Isolde Wilby, captain of the newly minted Office of Ensorcelled Investigations, is on a merry chase when she happens upon an unlikely suspect: a potter smuggling a doll’s arm that radiates magic. Captain Wilby’s investigation is soon derailed by wealthy interests who underestimate her resolve. Finding herself far from help or the light of day, Isolde has little choice but to rely upon her wits, her hexes, and her bag of charmed relics to help her unravel the potter’s plot.