More Collected Stories eBook

More Collected Stories eBook

eBook Edition
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In a starred review of the original Collected StoriesPublishers Weekly said, “Shiner never fails to astound, and this collection highlights everything that makes him one of today’s best storytellers.”

This sequel contains six of Shiner’s finest pieces, all written since Collected Stories. Here you will find everything from the making of a terrorist to the consolation of stuffed animals and a computer’s revenge—plus story notes and an Introduction from the author.


Ken Liu on Canto “MCML”:

“This is among the best flash pieces I’ve read. What I admire the most
is the craft: the details are chosen to convey just as much as you need
to know, and no more. There’s much I can learn from Shiner. Highly

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Duck
  • Canto mcml
  • Merry Christmas from the Kensingtons
  • Application
  • Friedrich the Snow Man
  • The Gate of the Fallen Angel
  • Author’s Notes
eBook Edition