Lye Street

Lye Street

Illustration By Dave McKean

Dust jacket by Dave McKean

Alan Campbell has graced us with a 26,000 word novella, a prequel to his stunning fantasy debut, Scar Night, the first novel of the Deepgate Codex. Lye Street ends just where the novel picks up!

The Greene family is cursed. Every fifty years Deepgate's scarred angel, Carnival, returns to murder another descendant. Now, five hundred years after the first victim's death, Sal Greene is facing his own doom. His time has almost run out. In a desperate attempt to break the chain of violence and save his family, he summons a demon to the chained city: a warrior he hopes is powerful enough to stand against the angel.

Yet the creature which arrives in Deepgate is not quite the legendary mercenary Sal Greene was expecting.

Lye Street will be available exclusively from Subterranean Press, in two unique editions:

Limited: 2000 fully cloth bound hardcovers, signed by the author
Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase

From Publishers Weekly
"Campbell meshes pity with terror against the bleak phantasmagoric backdrop of a city suspended from chains, swinging dismally over a yawning abyss. In a civilization literally built upon nothing, dark magic and vengeance are the rule of the day, and Campbell will quickly have readers under his creepy and sometimes heartbreaking spell."

From Green Man Review:
Lye Street "also has some strikingly beautiful moments, in that harsh, dark way some of us love so well. The journey of the angel Carnival is most compelling, as she simultaneously follows and flees messages seemingly addressed to her, scrawled across the walls and tunnels and towers of the dangling city. Neatly juxtaposed are Sal Greene's sojourns through demonic realms as he struggles to save his family from Carnival's murderous intent. This is a world where good and evil are not absolutes, where it is as easy to sympathize and root for an unearthly murderer as it is for her future victim."

Dave McKean
Thomas Campbell
135 pages
United States
Out of Print