Jade Shards eBook

Jade Shards eBook

eBook Edition
Illustration By Charis Loke
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Cover illustration by Charis Loke.

About the Book:

Fonda Lee returns to the acclaimed Green Bone Saga with four prequel short stories that delve into the personal histories of the Kaul and Ayt families.

The Witch and Her Friend. Before she was the ruthless leader of the Mountain clan, Ayt Mada was an orphan without friends at school except for one: Aun Ure, a teenage girl feared and renowned as an assassin but yearning for a simpler life.

Not Only Blood. Before he was the heir apparent of the No Peak clan, Kaul Lan challenged his grandfather and clan patriarch to help a boy who had lost everything.

Better Than Jade. Before they were married, Kaul Hilo and Maik Wen were a young couple facing long odds: the son of a top Green Bone clan in love with a stone-eye girl from a disreputable family.

Granddaughter Cormorant. Before she left and returned to Kekon, Kaul Shae was the apple of her grandfather’s eye…as well as a daring secret informer to a foreign country.

Contains an introduction and story notes by the author.


From Publishers Weekly:

“There’s no grand unifying theme to these offerings beyond their setting, with moods ranging from wistful and distant to passionate and immediate, but all grant welcome glimpses into what makes these favorite characters tick. The result will be a treat for die-hard fans and series completionists.”


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Witch and Her Friend
  • Not Only Blood
  • Better Than Jade
  • Granddaughter Cormorant
Fonda Lee
Charis Loke
eBook Edition