J. K. Potter's Embrace the Mutation: Fiction Inspired by the Art of J. K. Potter

J. K. Potter's Embrace the Mutation: Fiction Inspired by the Art of J. K. Potter

Illustration By J. K. Potter

Dust jacket, endsheet, and interior art by J.K. Potter

Unlike in most anthologies, in Embrace the Mutation: Fiction Inspired by the Art of J.K. Potter each story begins with an image...

Along with page decorations, small sketches and other grace notes, legendary artist J.K. Potter has contributed two dozen never-before published photos, those he's held back, keeping his most intense and impressive images in his private collection... until now.

A dozen acclaimed writers of the dark and fantastic have taken these images and constructed their stories around them, giving length and written substance to Potter's nightmares.

Embrace the Mutation will be published as an oversized hardcover in three editions. To ensure each illustration leaps off the page, the entire book will be printed on a specially coated paper usually reserved for art books. The Trade edition will be fully bound in cloth, with a wraparound full-color dustjacket, signed by the editors and J.K. Potter. The Limited edition will be bound in leather, slipcased, with an additional exclusive art section, and an original story by J.K. Potter.

The Lettered edition will be bound in leather and cloth, contain all the extra material in the Limited edition, and will also feature an original hand printed piece of art by Potter matted into the traycase. Plus, Potter has promised to do an original small sketch on the title page of each Lettered copy, making these truly one-of-a-kind.

Authors include:

  • Michael Bishop
  • Poppy Z. Brite
  • Elizabeth Hand
  • James Morrow
  • Kim Newman
  • Norman Partridge
  • Ramsey Campbell
  • Lucius Shepard
  • Dennis Etchison
  • Peter Crowther
  • Graham Joyce
  • Caitlin R. Kiernan (only in the limited and lettered editions)
  • Michael Marshall Smith
J. K. Potter
Michael Bishop
334 pages
United States
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