Green Mile

Green Mile

Illustration By Mark Geyer

Illustrated by Mark Geyer

"What, I wondered, would it be like to walk those last forty yards to the electric chair, knowing you were going to die there? What, for that matter, would it be like to be the man who had to strap the condemned in... or pull the switch? What would such a job take out of you? Even creepier, what might it add?"

--Stephen King

These questions inspired one of the most powerful works in the Stephen King canon: The Green Mile. Set during the American Depression, King's tale of a prison ward superintendent and the giant, gentle prisoner condemned to walk those last forty yards to his death captured the imagination of readers everywhere when first published in six installments in 1996. Not only did King's tale resurrect the serial format of storytelling once employed by Charles Dickens, The Green Mile literally had readers on the edge of their seats awaiting the next episode. When the final installment appeared, King made publishing history by simultaneously earning slots for all six volumes on the New York Times paperback bestseller list.

Subterranean Press is delighted to announce the 10th Anniversary Edition of this classic work. Mark Geyer, whose art graced the original paperback releases of The Green Mile, has agreed to provide more than 60 original sketches for our edition. This exclusive publication will consist of six individual illustrated hardcover volumes, contained in a cloth slipcase.

Gift: 2000 unsigned cloth bound sets, in slipcase
Limited: 148 signed numbered sets, bound in leather and cloth, in slipcase
Lettered: 52 signed sets, with one of the original sketches matted in the traycase

We are still in the planning stages for certain aspects of The Green Mile, but we can tell you that we expect the Limited and Lettered Sets will be printed on 70# Mohawk Superfine, some of the best paper commercially available.

A few important notes: Customers may order one Limited Edition Set or one Lettered Edition Set, and up to five Gift Sets. We regret that we are not able to accept phone orders for this title. Finally, no coupons, specials, or savings certificates may be applied to purchase of this title. U.S. Shipping on the Limited or Lettered Edition is $30. For the Gift Edition, U.S. Shipping is $15. Foreign shipping rates figured individually.

Please note: the promotion to have your name added to the "Those Who Walk the Green Mile" section at the back of book six has ended.

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The Green Mile, Lettered Edition
Mark Geyer
Stephen King
500 pages
United States
Out of Print