Gothic Wounds eBook

Gothic Wounds eBook

eBook Edition
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Cover illustration by Vincent Chong.

Interior Illustrations by Ben Baldwin.

Note: This book must be ordered by itself! There is a limit of one copy per person/household.

About the Book:

“Lansdale reaches the reader on a gut level . . . a terrific writer.”
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Gothic Wounds oozes stories of grim doings in the Southern climes of East Texas, with a few stories outside the usual Lansdale realm.

Meet real life horrors and old mythologies in these dark and sometimes humorous and satirical stories of adventures and mysteries, suspense and strange moments in the backwoods.

Get out your hip boots and your skeeter spray, and you might want to bring a horse and saddle for when the tales move out West, but most importantly bring your imagination.

Read about a bizarre mule race, a movie projectionist’s obsession with a beautiful young woman that leads to a violent event. Venture onto the Sabine River with Hap and Leonard and find a sunken boat full of death and treasure. Meet a blind man with a weed eater who has nefarious plans. Follow the path of a World War soldier returning home only to find home isn’t what it used to be. Meet a wrestler well past his prime who grapples with an opponent over a long-lost love. Go down into a pit and watch two brave men in a mad, mad world, fight for a championship that ends in death for one of them. Then drive on out to Geronimo’s grave and battle a dangerous bank robber. Then have a sip of blood and Lemonade, as we learn of an event in the past of one of Lansdale’s best-known characters, Hap Collins.

And there’s more. So, pull up a chair, seat yourself with a big glass of ice tea or a Dr Pepper, and have a stack of vanilla cookies close at hand for sustenance. Crack this book full of the unexpected, and dive in.

The storytelling water is fine.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale
  • White Mule, Spotted Pig
  • The Projectionist
  • In the River of the Dead
  • Hide and Horns
  • Mad Dog Summer
  • Cowboy
  • Mr. Weed-Eater
  • The Stars are Falling
  • Dead on the Bones
  • Solderin’
  • The Fat Man and the Elephant
  • Night They Missed the Horror Show
  • The Big Blow
  • Steppin’ Out, Summer ’68
  • Blood and Lemonade
  • The Pit
  • Wrestling Jesus
  • The Sabine was High
  • Driving to Geronimo’s Grave
  • By Bizarre Hands
eBook Edition
Joe R. Lansdale