Farewell Summer

Farewell Summer

Illustration By D. Wayne Munn

We're proud to announce the limited edition of Farewell Summer, Ray Bradbury's dazzling sequel to Dandelion Wine.

The Subterranean Press edition is printed in two colors, bound in a premium cloth, and housed in a custom slipcase (numbered edition) or traycase (lettered edition).

Limited: 250 numbered copies, signed by the author, housed in a custom slipcase, with black and white endsheets
Lettered: 26 specially bound copies, signed by the author, housed in a custom traycase, with full color endsheets

The Limited and Lettered Editions also include an exclusive section containing several never before published short stories/fragments related to the novel. Instead of a strict reproduction of Mr. Bradbury's typescript from 50 years ago, we've chosen to re-set the material, not in polished form, but in typescript, to highlight readability while retaining the notion that these are not 'completed' pieces. The Lettered Edition will also be accompanied by an exclusive chapbook, with even more related material.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
"This poignant, wise but slight "extension" of the indefatigable Bradbury's semiautobiographical Dandelion Wine picks up the story of 12-year-old Douglas Spaulding in October of 1928, when the warmth of summer still clings to Green Town, Ill. As in his episodic 1957 novel, Bradbury evokes the rhythms of a long-gone smalltown America with short, swift chapters that build to a lyrical meditation on aging and death... Bradbury's mature but fresh return to his beloved early writing conveys a depth of feeling."

From Booklist:
"Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine has aged remarkably well, losing none of its nostalgic charm during the 49 years since its first printing. Writing sequels is something entirely new in Bradbury's long career of perpetual creativity, and so his return to Green Town, Illinois, and the escapades of the author's boyhood alter ego, Douglas Spaulding, is surprising as well as welcome. Whereas Dandelion Wine takes the form of a series of interconnected tales, Farewell Summer tells one unbroken story set during an autumnal heat wave in the year Douglas turns 14... A touching meditation on memories, aging, and the endless cycle of birth and death, and a fitting capstone, perhaps, to a brilliant career."

D. Wayne Munn
Ray Bradbury
194 pages
United States
Out of Print