Eyes Like Leaves

Eyes Like Leaves

Illustration By Mike Dringenberg

Dust jacket by Mike Dringenberg

Magic is already fading in the Green Isles, but it’s still a time when myths walk the world and the children of the ancient gods are engaged in one final confrontation. But when legendary creatures wage war, it’s the ordinary people who suffer the consequences--unless they, themselves, can find a way to bring an end to the hostilities. The trouble is, not all of them are able to pick a side.

Eyes Like Leaves was written in the days of Moonheart and Charles de Lint’s other high fantasy novels. The tale slept like a long-forgotten lover until he recently chose to revisit (and polish) this never-before-published gem.


Eyes Like Leaves is a long (100,000 words) never-before-published novel. Our other recent de Lint collections (Woods & Waters Wild, Quicksilver & Shadow) sold out immediately and had unfilled orders for thousands of copies. We expect demand for Eyes to be even stronger, given that it’s a novel, and do not plan additional printings to meet increased demand.

Limited: Signed hardcover edition
Deluxe: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather with full-color endsheets

From Publishers Weekly:
"World Fantasy Award–winner de Lint dusts off an enchanting epic fantasy written in 1980 but never published. The result is a delightful old-fashioned group quest, and though it occasionally lacks the older de Lint’s graceful skill with language, even his nascent poetic style evokes beautiful imagery."

From Library Journal:
“This traditional fantasy…bears de Lint’s characteristically lyrical prose and hypnotic storytelling. Filled with Celtic lore and wonderfully drawn characters, this standalone epic should please the author’s many fans and lovers of medieval fantasy.”

From Booklist:
“This is classic high fantasy, written and revised by a master, unpublished when first completed some 30 years ago because de Lint decided to focus on contemporary fantasy stories and let it languish. It is a must for de Lint completists and, actually, for all high-fantasy and folkloristic fiction fans.”

From Fantasy Literature:
"Eyes Like Leaves is well-paced, and the action scenes flash with energy. Charles de Lint shows signs of the bardic gift in his ability to make scenes come alive..."

Mike Dringenberg
Charles de Lint
348 pages
United States
Out of Print