Fall of Light (preorder)

Fall of Light (preorder)

Illustration By Grant Griffin
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(preorder—to be published in April/May 2024)

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Grant Griffin.


  • There is a limit of one copy per edition per household.

As promised by its evocative title, in this, the second book of Steven Erikson’s Kharkansas Trilogy, night falls across the whole of the world known by the ancient Tiste Andii. But the children of Mother Dark are far from the eldest of the disparate peoples gathering against one another, as civil war wracks the shadowed land from without, and alien invaders of unknown purpose march on Kharkanas from every direction.

In the absence of his brother Sons of Darkness, Silchas Ruin must build an unlikely friendship with Grizzin Farl, called the Protector, one of the mysterious Azathanai, who are not only the most powerful of Erikson’s many and varied races, but may have in fact created all the others. The embattled general leading the forces opposed to Mother Darkness, Vatha Urusander, reforges himself into the first Mortal Sword, a title and role that will echo down hundreds of centuries to the era of the Malazan Empire. And far to the north, two characters long known to readers of the unparalleled epics of Steven Erikson, Caladan Brood and Anomander Rake, kick the ashes of a burned forest from their boots and sally forth on an errand that imperils all.

The legions of fans who have followed what can only be called a modern cycle of legends have known for decades that in these pages, not all is at is it appears. Erikson’s dragons are far more than dragons, his sorcerers draw on powers unlike any other in modern fantasy, and his gods are at one turn as petty as any human, and at another as inscrutable as the blackness between the stars.

Steven Erikson burst onto the fantasy scene a quarter of a century ago with Gardens of the Moon, a finalist for the World Fantasy Award. His startling, evocative powers as a storyteller not only remain undiminished, they increase with every word that springs from his ever-flowing pen. Readers of Forge of Darkness, the first book of the Kharkansas Trilogy, will find Fall of Light, even more rewarding than that initial volume. In fact, these books will fully satisfy Erikson’s long-time fans and new readers alike.

Lettered: 52 copies, specially bound, signed by the author, housed in a custom traycase

Limited: 500 numbered copies, hardcover, signed by the author

The numbered edition will be:

  • Printed on 60# Husky paper, guaranteeing a lifetime of enjoyment
  • Illustrated with a number of full color interior illustrations

The lettered edition will include everything in the numbered, plus the following features:

  • The dust jacket to the limited edition as a tipped-in illustration
  • Two full-color gatefold illustrations exclusive to the lettered
  • Specially bound, housed in a custom traycase
Grant Griffin
Steven Erikson
904 pages
United States