Devil With You! -- The Lost Bloch Volume One

Devil With You! -- The Lost Bloch Volume One

Illustration By Gail Cross

Edited by David J. Schow

Dustjacket art by Bernie Wrightson.
Introduction by David J. Schow.
Foreword by Stefan R. Dziemiaowicz.
Endsheet morphing by Gail Cross.

Limited: 724 signed numbered copies
Lettered: 26 signed traycased copies

When the magicians
descended on the Hotel Flopmoor
for their annual convention
they decided to raise Hell -- literally!

What would you do --
and how would you act --
in a world gone mad?

No such thing could exist!
But it did, and it was linked with an
eight-year-old child in an orphanage...
with death...

Usually the common coin of bally tents and the carnival midway, such huckstering hyperbole was also a mainstay of the penny-per-word pulp magazines. Already in decline since the termination of World War II, these big, cheap periodicals with their lurid cover art and formulaic goulash of sex, action, and adventure formed a primary root for the atmospheric genre shortformed today as noir. It also provided a stomping ground, basic coursework and ground-level livelihood for the men and women eventually to become the foremost proponents of science fiction, fantasy and horror as a literary form in the late 20th century -- prime among these being Robert Bloch, master of the conte cruel and Ripperologist extraordinaire; the man who brought Norman Bates into the world and practically invented "psychological horror" singlehanded.

The Lost Bloch explores the "missing" novels of Robert Bloch -- written for the pulps in the 1940s and '50s, seldom reprinted, overlooked because they were rarely collected or offered in book form. Each volume contains one or more such "lost" works in addition to several novella-length stories of equivalent vintage. Volume One also incorporates an interview with the man himself, on these topics and more.

A treasure-trove from the past!
A rediscovery of vintage frights!
A bookfull of long-lost Blochian horrors!

Step right up...

"Of Pennies, Pulps and Penury" by David J. Schow
"Foreword" by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz
"The Devil With You"
"Strictly From Mars"
"It Happened Tomorrow"
"The Big Binge"
"An Hour With Robert Bloch" Conducted by David J. Schow

Note: The Limited edition is signed by David J. Schow and Stefan R. Dziemianowicz. The Lettered edition is also signed by Bernie Wrightson

Gail Cross
Robert Bloch
300 pages
United States
Out of Print