Club Dumas

Club Dumas

Illustration By Vincent Chong

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Vincent Chong

Collector’s note: By contractual agreement The Club Dumas will not be available from other retailers.

Since its initial publication in 1993, Arturo Perez-Reverte’s The Club Dumas has been widely recognized as one of the most intricate, rewarding “literary” mysteries of the modern era. It is one of those all too rare novels that imprints itself on the reader’s memory, that offers new pleasures and new discoveries with each successive reading.

The Club Dumas is a multi-layered quest story featuring “mercenary” book hunter Lucas Corso, who is hired to authenticate a pair of literary curiosities: a hand-written fragment of Alexander Dumas’s masterpiece, The Three Musketeers and a rare edition of a proscribed volume of black magic entitled The Book of the Nine Doors of the Kingdom of Shadows. These interlinked quests lead Corso into a labyrinth of murder, suicide, and satanic rituals. At the same time, they lead him into the heart of a carefully constructed narrative that is strange, familiar, and deeply seductive, all at once.

Using elements from John Milton, Umberto Eco, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and, of course, Alexander Dumas, this enthralling novel is an intellectual thriller of the highest order. More importantly, it is a profoundly erudite meditation on the importance of books, and on the power they continue to exert on us across the centuries.

The Club Dumas will be produced to the highest standards, printed in two colors on 80# Finch, bound in a fine cloth, with a projected full-color cover, five full-color interior plates, and sixteen duotone images by Vincent Chong. This production will rival ours of Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind.

Limited: 500 numbered copies, signed by author
Lettered: 26 copies, deluxe bound, signed by author, housed in a custom traycase

From The Agony Column:
“All this exotic prose and story is matched by peerless Subterranean production values. Once again, Vincent Chong is doing full-color paintings and a full-color cover as well as a passel of duo-tone images embedded in the book. Like ‘The Shadow of the Wind,’ the type will be set in two colors, and the hardcover will use the same sort of heavy paper and binding. You're getting a quality book to enhance your reading experiences — and I use the plural here deliberately, because you will want to re-read this novel.”

From SF Crowsnest:
“The answer is that this is a gorgeous new edition of what is, at heart, a fantastical mystery story produced by Subterranean Press, the specialist publisher of collectors’ editions... The book itself, even in proof, is a beautiful thing. It is illustrated with five colour plates and sixteen duotone images, all by the well-know genre artist Vincent Chong.”

Vincent Chong
Arturo Perez-Reverte
328 pages
United States
Out of Print