The Last Night at the Star Dome Lounge

The Last Night at the Star Dome Lounge

Illustration By Ario Anindito
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Dust jacket illustration by Ario Anindito.

Published by P.S. Publishing.

We’ve been lucky enough to lock in copies of the unsigned hardcover edition of The Last Night at the Star Dome Lounge, a long (over 30,000 words) novella by M. R. Carey, whose most famous creation is The Girl with All the Gifts.

About the Book:

Fain has inherited Ocean View, a boarding house in Hove Harbour from her late mother, who’s still hanging around to offer advice where needed and generally keep an eye on the place – when magic of a different sort starts to rear its head within her home, Fain, her mother and friends old and new must band together to protect Ocean View, and each other.

M. R. Carey
Ario Anindito