Illustration By Armando Veve

Dust jacket illustration for Ambergis by Armando Veve. 

Dust jacket for Ambergris Appendix by Scott Eagle.

Note: There is a limit of one copy per person/household. If you've already purchased a copy, please do not order another.

We’re thrilled to announce the signed limited edition of Jeff VanderMeer’s signature creation, Ambergris, with an array including  the novels, stories, art, and found documents spread across two oversized volumes. Our edition will be printed on 80# Finch, our preferred paper for higher end limited editions.

Please note that the Appendix includes a new, never before published, 10,000 word section, "The Zamilon File."

About the Books:

You have explored the Southern Reach, now walk the streets of a city like no other.

Between these covers, the cult classic works of Jeff VanderMeer’s Ambergris offer readers a tour de force of language and imagination. In a rich and heady mix of arcane words and unforgettable images, fantastic characters and startling events—in the collection, City of Saints and Madmen, and the novels, Shriek: an Afterword, and Finch—test, then shatter the limits of what speculative fiction can do.

The title city is a place of vivid, terrible beauty, exhibiting sophisticated cruelties and dangers experienced as something approaching art. Following, an afterword as epic, where secrets and obsessions play out on streets above a rising force of a people unlike any other in fantasy fiction. And finally, in an Ambergris conquered and enslaved, a desperate man seeks the answers to both a crime that may be unsolvable and the troubling mystery of the future of the city itself.

New York Times bestselling author Jeff VanderMeer exhibits his masterful control over chaos and his unparalleled ability to render the bizarre and terrifying as things of beauty. Objects of desire simultaneously promise exaltation and damnation, and startlingly real people play out their fascinating lives in their fascinating city.

Widely recognized as one of the finest practitioners of the fantastic in contemporary fiction, VanderMeer is a three-time recipient of the World Fantasy Award, including one for “The Transformation of Martin Lake,” which forms part of the Ambergris saga presented here. His work found a wider readership with the publication of the Area X novels, and Annihilation was adapted into a major motion picture. But, here, in Ambergris, his boundless imagination is already on full display. Return to where it all began: the city of Ambergris.

Lettered: 52 signed, two volume sets, featuring Bradel bindings, housed in a custom traycase

Limited: 500 signed numbered two volume sets 

Table of Contents — Ambergris

  • City of Saints and Madmen
  • Dradin, In Love
  • The Hoegbotton Guide to the Early History of The City of Ambergris
  • The Transformation of Martin Lake
  • The Strange Case of X
  • Shriek: An Afterword
  • Finch
  • Acknowledgments 


Table of Contents — Ambergris Appendix

  • A Letter from Dr. V to Dr. Simpkin 
  • X’s Notes
  • The Release of Belacqua
  • King Squid
  • The Hoegbotton Family History
  • The Cage
  • In the Hours After Death
  • A Note from Dr. V to Dr. Simpkin
  • The Exchange
  • Learning to Leave the Flesh
  • The Ambergris Glossary
  • A Note on Fonts
  • The Zamilon File (10,000 words, previously unpublished)
  • Ambergris: A Long, Weird Road to Publication


Armando Veve
Jeff VanderMeer
[Main Volume, 776 pages]
United States
Out of Print