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Announcing Under My Skin by K. J. ParkerPurchase Book

Announcing Under My Skin by K. J. Parker

November 27

We’re pleased to announce Under My Skin, the new K. J. Parker collection that dwarfs those Parker collections that have come before. Its contents are highlighted by an original novel, Relics.

-anyone who reads the right book has an ally

Here is the right book. Under My Skin, K.J. Parker’s superb new collection, includes almost 700 pages of novelettes and novellas, some appearing here for the first time anywhere, with one completely new novel-length tale, Relics.

These stories are everything readers have come to expect from Parker, populated by con men and kings, magicians who don’t do magic and messiahs who don’t offer redemption, by holy men and holy fools. But be warned, not only is all perhaps not what it seems, all can usually be counted on to not be what it seems. Parker’s unruly and unreliable narrators, who sometimes fool themselves even more than they fool us, stride along muddy paths through lonely hills or across marble floors in grand palaces, always finding trapdoors opening beneath them.

In “The Thought That Counts,” for example, a man who claims to have been magically granted the wisdom of the world finds that he’s not wise enough to recognize a figure from his past who may prove that wisdom isn’t enough in every situation. In My Beautiful Life, a man who starts life as the son of a village prostitute rises as high in his world as anyone can, only to find that tumbling from such a height makes for a long, long fall. And in the epistolary novel Relics, readers are offered not just one unreliable narrator but two, as an archduke and a relic hunter describe their highs and lows to one another in a series of missives that even the writers don’t necessarily fully believe, much less the recipients.

K.J. Parker first came to prominence with The Engineer Trilogy. Since then, the author has gone on to pen dozens of novels, novellas, and short stories, winning a couple of World Fantasy Awards along the way and earning legions of fans. Subterranean Press is proud to offer this third collection from a modern master, a true ally guiding us through an uncertain—but endlessly fascinating—world.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $50

1st May 2022

Check Out an Excerpt from The Jade Setter of Janloon by Fonda Lee

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1st May 2022

Announcing The Events Concerning by Joe R. Lansdale

If you ever wondered what happened after Joe R. Lansdale’s classic novella, “The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance,” read on.We’re thrilled to announce The Events Concerning, a two-novella collection by Joe R. Lansdale. Chuck Pyle’s dust jacket (and the design) are meant to evoke the 1950s Hardy Boys covers, as Lansdale’s misbegotten duo involve themselves in tricky, sometime sc

24th Apr 2022

Locus on John Kessel's The Dark Ride

John Kessel's The Dark Ride has landed a lengthy, laudatory review in Locus. We're only too happy to share a cutting from the review with you:“For me, Kessel’s most iconic story, ’The Pure Product’, draws its title and some of its sensibil­ity from William Carlos Williams, a poet who famously disdained allegory and symbolism (his most famous quotation is probably ‘no ideas but in things’; Kessel’s title com

24th Apr 2022

Announcing The Carnival and Other Stories by Charles Beaumont

More than two decades after first publishing Charles Beaumont's A Touch of the Creature, we're pleased once again to feature the past master's work in The Carnival and Other Stories which features a great number of stories that have been out a print for decades, previously uncollected and unpublished work, joined by an insight introduction by David J. Schow and appropriately ghoulish dust jacket illustratio

21st Apr 2022

K. J. Parker's The Long Game Shipping!

New K. J. Parker Shipping!The always unpredictable K. J. Parker has written some of the most original and compelling fantasy fiction of recent decades. In his latest novella, The Long Game, Parker has turned once again to the comic side of his multi-faceted talent, and the result is one of the most purely entertaining creations of a distinguished career.The unnamed narrator of The Long Game is an Adept, a m

17th Apr 2022

Announcing Among Strangers by Robert Silverberg

SF Grandmaster Robert Silverberg has graced us with Among Strangers, a huge (over 750 pages) gathering including three novels and a novella, all of which examine human/alien interaction.About the Book: In this remarkable quartet, Robert Silverberg journeys into the pulsating heart of the unknown—the strange, the alien, the unexplored without and undiscovered within. With the assured deftness and seasoned th

17th Apr 2022

Fonda Lee's The Jade Setter of Janloon Being Reprinted

The first printing of The Jade Setter of Janloon by Fonda Lee sold out so quickly it was evident to both the author and us that there was more than enough demand to support a second printing.The first printing is running a bit behind at the printer (as is everything) and looks to ship in May.The second printing should be available this fall.About the Book:Fonda Lee returns to the world of the Green Bone Sag

13th Apr 2022

Kevin Hearne's Hunted Shipping

Now Shipping!The signed limited edition of Kevin Hearne's Hunted, the sixth installment in the Iron Druid Chronicles is in stock and shipping.Nothing emphasizes the need for good cardio so much as being tracked by two goddesses of the hunt and their hounds. Having barely escaped from Mount Olympus and blocked from shifting planes, Atticus, Granuaile, and Oberon must run across Europe in hopes of an assist f