Frozen Hell

Frozen Hell

Illustration By Gregory Manchess
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Illustrated by Gregory Manchess.

Published by Arete Editions.

Note: There is a limit of one copy per person/household.

Arete Editions, which published Neil Gaiman’s The Case of Death and Honey, has recently published a heavily illustrated fine press edition of Frozen Hell by John W. Campbell, the expanded version of his classic tale, “Who Goes There?”

When a group of scientific reseaarchers, isolated in Antarctica, stumble across an alien spaceship buried in the ice, the alien pilot can just be seen—a shadowy frozen figure.

The team try to free the ship and alien from the ice—with disastrous consequences—but they preserve the alien. They transport the alien corpse imprisoned in ice, one of their greatest finds, back to their camp. But the nightmare is only beginning.

They are soon trapped in a scientific outpost in Antarctica, infested by a shapeshifting creature which is able to absorb and perfectly imitate any living beings, including humans.

Who is human? And who is not? All are trapped in FROZEN HELL.

The numbered edition is limited to 300 copies for sale. It is fully bound in baby blue lambskin nappa leather which is soft and smooth to the touch. It is foil blocked in four passes in white and black, creating a snowstorm design across the front and back boards with the title on the spine.

The binding has a square spine with a wide groove between spine and boards, allowing the covers to open freely.

All of the plates are tabbed or sewn in, allowing double, treble and quad plates to open out without a stitched gutter.

The book is housed in a sturdy, white-suede-lined slipcase and is covered in a light blue-grey Windsor cloth with the a silhouette of the Thing, the alien discovered frozen in the spaceship, foil blocked to the front.

Edition Features:

  • Binding is by Richard Tong and Sam Cartwright at Lyra’s Books/Ludlow Bookbinders.
  • Printed letterpress in two colors by Phil Abel and Robert Hetherington on a Heidelberg cylinder press at Hand & Eye Editions.
  • Typeset in 11 point Monotype Baskerville by Nick Gill at Effra Press & Typefoundry.
  • Printed on Liber Charta 170gsm, our first use of this excellent new paper
  • Trimmed page size 200 x 300 mm / 7.9 x 11.8 in
  • 166 pages
  • 16 color plates, of which two are four-page foldouts, four are double-page spreads and one is a three-page foldout.
  • Thirteen black-and-white, relief-printed illustrations.
  • Signed by the artist, Gregory Manchess.
  • Limited to 320 copies of which 300 are for sale and 20 are hors de dommerce.
Gregory Manchess
John W. Campbell
166 pages
In Print