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Zeuglodon by James P. Blaylock

Zeuglodon cover
Trade Edition SOLD OUT
Limited Edition SOLD OUT
  • ISBN: 978-1-59606-454-6
  • Length: 232 pages

Dust jacket by Jon Foster

A skeletal hand clutching an iron key lies hidden within a mermaid's wooden sarcophagus; a hand-drawn map is stolen from beneath the floorboards in an old museum; an eccentric sleeping inventor dreams of a passage to the center of the earth, and by dreaming of the passage, brings it into being…

Pursued by kidnappers thinking of riches and murder, Katherine Perkins and her two cousins, junior members of The Guild of St. George, must descend into the depths of the hollow earth in order to return the Sleeper to his ancestral home on the shores of Lake Windermere. But to awaken him might mean the end of his dream, the closing of the Windermere Passage, and the three intrepid explorers marooned in a savage land forgotten by time itself…

Zeuglodon, set in the world envisioned in James Blaylock's The Digging Leviathan, is a landscape of color, mystery, and adventure, in which reality and fantasy are shifting currents, and nothing is quite what it seems to be.

The signed limited edition will contain afterwords by longtime Blaylock experts William Ashbless and William Hastings, as well as a bonus chapbook, “Hans Clinker”, Blaylock's first published story, unreprinted since 1977.

Limited: 250 signed numbered hardcover, with bonus section, and chapbook
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition

From Library Journal:
“Mad scientists, persistent social workers, real-life mermaids, and magical keys blend into an atmosphere of mystery and adventure reminiscent of the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Blaylock (The Digging Leviathan; The Paper Grail) brings a hint of magical realism to his tales of a world touched by the strange and wonderful.”

From Bookslut:
“Blaylock is just the right side of madcap with Zeuglodon, and he elevates this novel with some enormously likable characters and dialogue witty enough for a teenage version of 1930s Hollywood. Kathleen is not simply spunky. She is the girl detective when still a girl—Veronica Mars, the early years. All the promise of who she will be is there for the reader to imagine, along with her sidekicks (both most worthy) and the whole The Goonies-esque Sunday morning movie of it all. You know the good guys will win in the end (although there are plenty of surprises), but the journey is the destination here and well worth the visit.”

From Locus:
“James P. Blaylock's Zeuglodon is the most fun I've had reading in ages, with an unabashed budding cryptozoologist protagonist, mummified mermaid, underground passages, lost world, and the scariest busybody since Margaret Hamilton put Toto in her bicycle basket. Don't miss it.”

From SFRevu:
“Blaylock manages to rekindle that sense of wonder readers felt when they read the first book that made them feel that anything and everything is possible. And most importantly that children were totally capable of handling the hardships and danger of an adventure… All in all a delightful and entertaining tale of adventure.”

From Locus:
“In Zeuglodon, James P. Blaylock provides a treat for readers both young and old, setting elements of classic SF, fantasy, and YA (the acknowledgements mention such titles as Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Huckleberry Finn, plus the seafaring novels of Howard Pease) in the world of his early work The Digging Leviathan…”

From The Agony Column:
“There is still room for wonder in this world. No matter how much we think we know, no matter how much we think we have mapped, photographed and documented the planet there is now, and always will be some place we have not seen — simply because even the places we've seen before we can see again through someone else's eyes. With 'Zeuglodon' James P. Blaylock gives readers the greatest gift possible — the world viewed anew, through the perspective of 12-year old Katherine Perkins. It helps, a lot, that she intends to become a cryptozoologist, that her uncle and caretaker, John Toliver Hedgepeth, is a member of the Order of St. George, and that the earth is actually hollow. In case you were wondering.”

From Locus Online:
“After some recent books that explored his steampunk interests, Blaylock now returns to urban fantasy, producing a thrill-filled novel blended of whimsy and danger, absurdity and eternal wisdom. Specifically, he’s back in the world that we first encountered in 1984′s The Digging Leviathan: contemporary oddball California (and beyond), where the elite members of the Guild of St. George battle nefariousness in all its manifestations.”