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Veil’s Visit by Lansdale, Joe R. and Vachss, Andrew

Veil’s Visit cover
Trade Edition SOLD OUT
Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Dustjacket/ cover art by Tim Truman.

Booklist called them “two of the unlikeliest but most likable amateur detectives in crime fiction.” The Chicago Tribune describes them as “colorful… lunatic… like a twister.” They're Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, and if you've been reading Joe R. Lansdale's Hap & Leonard novels—like Mucho Mojo, The Two-Bear Mambo, and Rumble Tumble—then this is the treat you've been waiting for. If you're one of the fools who hasn't yet come around, then what you have here is just the antidote to wise you up.

  • “Veil's Visit,” an original Hap & Leonard short story co-authored by Joe R. Lansdale and Andrew Vachss, in which Leonard (finally!) get dragged into court to answer for burning down that crack house.
  • “Captains Outrageous,” a novella-length standalone excerpt from Lansdale's next Hap & Leonard novel, not due out until at least mid-2000.
  • “Death by Chili,” a brand-new Hap & Leonard short story by Lansdale
  • And Lansdale “interviews” Hap & Leonard—a must if there's ever been one.


  • Introductions by both Lansdale and Vachss!
  • Original story notes by Lansdale!
  • Excerpts from the Hap & Leonard novels, hand-picked by Lansdale himself!

All told, it's over 150 pages of great reading!

Note: The hardcover and trade paperback each feature different cover treatments—a distinction generally reserved for only the most expensive limited editions!