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Times Three (eBook) by Robert Silverberg

Times Three (eBook) cover
  • ISBN: 978-1-59606-319-8
  • Length: 480 pages

Dust jacket by John Picacio

In Times Three, Science Fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg presents a trio of ingenious variations on one of science fiction’s most durable themes: time travel. These three novels, all of them prime Silverberg, approach that subject from a dizzying variety of perspectives. The result is a remarkable display of ingenuity, erudition, and sheer narrative power.

In Hawksbill Station, political prisoners from the 21st century are sent on a one-way journey to the late Cambrian era—a half billion years in the past. Their struggle to survive the privations of this bleak, almost lifeless world forms the centerpiece of a deeply affecting account of loss, exile, and repression.

Up the Line, by contrast, is a comic/erotic romp featuring Judson Daniel Elliott III, Time Courier and tour guide to the wonders of the past. While on a routine assignment in ancient Byzantium, Jud unexpectedly encounters his true Heart’s Desire, and his well-ordered life slides inexorably into chaos.

In Project Pendulum, identical twins Eric and Sean Gabrielson become the primary participants in the very first experiment in time travel. From a fixed point in time, they move by equidistant, steadily increasing arcs toward both the remote past and the unimaginable future. Their alternating viewpoints constitute a dazzling portrait of the wonders—and terrors—of a constantly evolving universe.

Filled with moments of intimacy, epic grandeur, and mind-bending temporal paradox, these novels provide entertainment and intellectual excitement on virtually every page, offering further proof, if any were needed, of Robert Silverberg’s genuine—and enduring—importance.

From Publishers Weekly

“These novels showcase not only the astounding challenges of time travel but the growth of a talented writer whose ideas and characters continue to entertain.”